Looking for old photos for this interview was very frustrating. After going through many years of many different magazine titles, we came up with only a few photos. I started to wonder, how is this dude so famous? The answer is easy; quality, not quantity. Bobshirt.com proudly presents, Henry Sanchez.

intro: Mike Regan
interview: theBobShirt


BobShirt: Who inspired you when you were a little kid coming up?
Henry: Matt Hensley. His innovativeness inspired me to be creative.

Do you have a favorite skateboard video?
Probably the Flip video or any girl video.

What's your earliest memory of skating at Embarcadero?
Just going there and being introduced to the og's.

In your opinion, who made up the original EMB crew?
I don't know. Probably Shelby or Chris. Not sure.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the EMB crew?
Yeah, some dude's trying to make a documentary on EMB so I had to make sure the crew was in on every detail and even shares.

1993. seq, Tobin Yelland

Can you pin-point a time frame when Embarcadero went from being just a skate spot to being the mecca of skateboarding in the early 90's?
After the world got a taste of me, Mike, Tae, Chico, Dinger, Kelch, Weez, Rebel Shel, York, Ben Sanchez, Shamile, Rick Ibaseta, and anyone else that I'm forgetting. It was on some crazy tourist shit for skaters. At that time, we were the forefront of skating. We had an arsenal of heads and we all brought something different to the table.


How did you get hooked up with Real?
I sent some pics to Thunder and Spit. Thru that I got on Real and was asked to be pro. It's weird cause people said I was ahead of my time on Blind, but really I was more ahead when I rode for real.

Was it a hard decision to leave Real for blind, or was it a no-brainer?
No brainer

How did you get hooked up with blind?
Guy, Rudy, and Mark. Jason wasn't down but Mark told him to leave if he didn't like it. That was probably the most flattered I've ever been.

How did you feel about being asked to ride for bLind?
Best moments of my life. The boards were the best and they let me get whatever I wanted out of the warehouse before I was even on. Early on, we didn't have any limit to what we got. Sometimes we'd leave with 30 boards each and a box full of whatever we wanted. Spoiled??? Very much.


How did things end with blind?
Not so good.

What do you think of blind in 2007?
I've always liked their riders and respect that Ronnie's still holding down the fort and skating well. I also think their graphics and image have completely fell off the face of the earth. They kind of ruined it in a way.

fucked up bLind kid 1993

What do you feel are some of the biggest differences between skating now compared to 1993?
There was more variation then compared to now. Skating pretty much stayed the same with the exception of doing things bigger. Also, the window for different styles is smaller now. In all honesty, it's pretty gay to sit their and judge someone for how their finger looks when they do a trick. That's just me though.

Gino Iaunucci once said "I miss the times when skating was hated on." Back in the early 90's, because skating was so hated on, I think it took a genuine interest to get into it. As a result, skating in the early 90's felt more genuine than it does today. Do you agree? If so, why?
That's so true to me. I think now, marketing has reached new lows and the industry is now catering to heads that don't even skate.

Put these 3 spots in order starting with you favorite and tell why: Embarcadero, Third & Army, and
Pier 7.

EMB= no worries in life
The Pier= EMB part 2
3rd and Army= no hassles

Which of your manual tricks are you most proud of?
Switch heel 180 nose manny up the pier block. Tried to film it but crapped out. So I guess it don't count (laughs)

Which took you the longest?
I never timed 'em.

In your opinion, what's the best manual trick ever done?
Compile all the manny tricks Biebs has ever done.

How did things end with Profile?

Profile wasn't my deal. I just came with ideas but the art dudes didn't know how to use programs so shit never turned out right.

It seemed like FIT had a really good thing going, what lead to the downfall of it?

Roger Davis doing coke.

Were you ever approached to ride for Girl or Chocolate?
Yes, at the start.

Do you have a favorite memory of Keenan?
All our trips together to S.F . We always would stay with Aris and Ben. We'd bring our r/c cars and blast em off of ramps.

What's your earliest or favorite memory of Guy Mariano?
Just staying at his house and getting to know him. He was a very loyal friend and we all had each others back to the fullest. I got a lot of love for G-mo.

Top five best styles in skateboarding?
Mike Carroll
Guy Mariano
Marc Johnson
Josh Kalis
Stephan Janowski

What video part of yours are you most proud of?
There was so much better shit I could have filmed for the blind promo so I'd have to say Sight unseen. Just cause at that time everybody thought I couldn't do it anymore and I proved them all wrong.

tim and henrys

When you guys were filming for Pack of Lies, did you know it was going to just be you and Tim Gavin, or did it just turn out you two had the most footage?
We had the most footage.

What did you think of Menace?
I liked it a lot and chilled with those dudes on a daily. I was considering leaving Blind to ride for them after Girl started.

Looking back at all of your board sponsors, which was your favorite to ride for?


Most skaters aren't too fond of the pressure flip days. Do you feel the same?
Funny you mentioned that. I thought it was getting out of hand. I feel I was one of the first dudes to start making fun of friends or who ever was doing too many of them in an attempt to get people to stop doing them.

What are you up to these days Henry?
School and preparing for a new career. My new clothes company Magik. No plugs, just peep.

Any regrets, or would you do it all the same?
No one's perfect.101