20 Years Of Chocolate Show, NYC version.

20 years of amazing graphics & amazing team riders... This past Saturday was NY's turn to host the 20 Years of Chocolate show. It did not disappoint. From hard core skate nerd to casual gawker, everybody seemed to be equally impressed at the sheer volume of awesomeness.

photos: Tim & Sarah Anderson



Andy Jenkins laid out the whole show, with the help of Jeremy Carnahan. The install was perfection. Here is Andy with one Girl deck amongst a mess of Chocolate's.


Adoption decks. Keenan & Gino's first decks on Chocolate.


An early version of a Keenan Portrait, from the infamous portrait series by Evan Hecox.


Jerry Hsu attempting to blend in with the art.


The Portrait Series, by Evan Hecox.


Kids Portrait series, by Evan Hecox.


Flag Series, Evan Hecox.




Another Wall-O-Choc


Original Art!!


Color Moc, Kids Series.


Chris Gurinsky, Maria & Chris Corso.


Sarah Anderson & Matt Bell


Steven Cales!


Andy Jenkins!!