Either the record button wasn't hit in time, or an insane trick almost happened, but didn't.
When you film thousands of tricks, you're bound to miss a few.
Below are Jacob Rosenberg's top 5 misses from the early planB days (in no specific order).

1. Danny Way - Kevin Harris Skate Park
SS McTwist for Virtual Reality
He came so close, but didn't land it.
Flipped it perfect too, it wasn't a spin 540,
it was a Lance Mountain-esque

2. Sal Barbier - UCSD 7 Stairs
BS 180 Double Kickflip down 7 Stair at UCSD.
MY BAD - Late on the trigger to start filming,he landed it but it was
pretty much unusable and didn't look good in the edit.
We got kicked out immediately after... I felt awful.

3. Rich Howard - EMB
FS Shove It over the Gonz.
Came close but he never landed it.

4. Way/Duffy - Beastly Rail in SD
Danny and Pat both Committed to 50/50's on that gnarly rail
from the Slam Section in Virtual Reality.
The approach made it so tough and both of them
went for it and could barely walk away...
At least the slam and the effort made the cut...
It was pretty sick to see them both trying something
that was that gnarly and they both paid the man.

5. Mike Carroll - EMB
Nollie Flip the Gonz.
He Landed it, but I was distracted and missed it.
Now it's the stuff of legends and just to spite me,
he wouldn't do it again... We have barely spoken since...

I'm pretty sure there are about 10 Other Makes on here that I didn't film
properly, whether I jerked the camera or started late or cut early.
Even worse, erased trick from watching playback which fortunately didn't
happen once I got to San Diego...
Skater - "Can I see it?"
Me - "No, it doesn't look good, do it again it was sketchy."
Skater (if I was lucky) - "Okay"
Me - (praying) "Land it again, land it again, land it again..."


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