This is not the new EMB documentary trailer.


SLB, always one of my favorites. A short interview with him from Big Brother # 16.



I saw this over at RobBrink.com today. A World boxset, yes please!


A couple days late on this Friday's Big Brother interview, sorry. This one has gotta be without a doubt one of the best Big Brother interviews ever.

101 Shirt update: We're all sold out of the Large white, and the XXL white shirts. Thanks for all the orders, I'm glad to know there are still people out there that appreciate what oneOone was.

The 26th of September came and went and I forgot to mention anything about one of the late greats - rest in peace Lord Pep. Skypager 1993, Fine Artist 1994, Element 411 Ad 1994.

3.11.73 - 9.26.03



Once again we pulll from the "Black Issue" #16 for this Fridays Big Brother interview. This time it's the late great Keenan Milton being interviewed by none other than Kareem Campbell. Can't beat that!

There might be a contest next week and the prize might be a 101 shirt. Check back mid next week.


Drake Jones Big Brother interview. Sorry for the short one this week.

NYC Rocco documentary tonight!


Rocco Docco comes to NYC, this Friday - Cinema Village 7PM. Bobshirt.com will be there without a doubt.


It's Friday, time for another classic Big Brother interview. This week we go back to Kareem Campbell's interview from "The Black Issue", issue # 16.


Lavar McBride talks about riding for Stereo and Blind, doing impossibles down the EMB 7 back in the day and a whole bunch of other good stuff in his interview with 48blocks. More good shit from The Block.


Check out this CCS catalog archive from 1991-2001. There were so many sick graphics from back in the day that I completely forgot about.


Thanks for all the interest in the 101 shirts, I got a lot more emails than I expected. A very small number of these shirts were made, I basically have about 40 of them to sell. There is a limit of one shirt per person. The shirts cost $25 plus $5 to ship them in the US, (If you're overseas email me, and I will calculate the actual postage). Sizes vary from L, XL and I made a few XXL's for you fellas that enjoy your cakes and pies. In most cases I'll be able to ship shirts within 2 days of receiving payment. All orders will be shipped Postal Service Priority mail.

When you send your payment please specify what size and color you want.

Contact me here(101@bobshirt.com), and please be be patient, bobshirt is a one man show. Thanks!


Bobshirt.com has shirts! Paying tribute to the best company ever, oneOone.

They were made in XXL, XL and the classic 'Not so Large' (aka large).

contact Bobshirt.

THIS is a very good thing.

And finally, congrats goes out to Mark Gonzales on this fine day.


This weeks Big Brother interview is from issue #10. Featuring a guy that rode for Powell, bLind and Girl
(imagine having that under your belt).

"The following interview was recorded without Rudy's knowledge. Interview by Steve Rocco".


Another Friday, another classic Big Brother interview. This one is from issue #2, Sean Sheffey being interviewed by Mike Ternasky almost 15 years ago.

Speaking of planB and Mike Ternasky, check out the latest epicly later'd with planB's filmer and editor from back in the day Jacob Rosenberg.

Remember Al Boglio from Prime? You probably already know that he's been doing a good job of running shit over at Cliche, but did you also know that he's sitting on an sick pile of skateboard nostalgia.

After being out of print for awhile, Sean Cliver's book Disposable is back in circulation. It is a must for the shitter, cop it!

48blocks has product, get on it!


New!! Every friday starting now and going until the end of the year, I will be posting up a classic Big Brother interview. So, lets start with the best: Luigi. (The pages are big, so be patient.)

The Rocco Documentary "The Man who Souled the World" will be showing at ASR. Check it out if you go to those types of things.

In honor of all this recent Rocco hype, I scanned his editorial from Big Brother #1. It's obvious that Rocco then would hate Rocco now, but he's still the best thing that ever happened to the skateboard industry, regardless of what he turned into!

A little while back Marc McKee did a piece for Mumble Magazine listing his 10 favorite graphics of all time that he did along with a brief explanation of each one. What would World have done without this guy in the 90's?! Oh, Mumble = Good.

While we're on the subject of old skateboards, check out the SkateAndAnnoy.com ebay watch. This is one of my favorite monthly online articles. You can see the stupid amount of money that old skateboards fetched from the past month on ebay.


The news section has definitely been slipping lately, moving sucks. I'll try to get things back on track with this. I dipped out the sound because Gino skating to Bad Religion just ain't right.


Girl/Chocolate ad archives all this week on the Crailtap frontpage, make sure you check it!

"That's like Richie Cunnigham hanging out with George Jefferson" -Clyde Singleton on Paul Rodriguez being teammates on Nike with Chet Childress. Big Brother Issue #105.


As if you didn't already know, Dill speaks!

"I need to go on tour more often so I can watch cable" -Clyde Singleton, Big Brother Issue #68


The Late Great.


It's always cool to stumble upon footage you've never seen of some of your favorite pros from back in the day. In this case I stumbled upon some Drake Jones and Joey Bast footage. It looks like reject 'Non-Fiction' footage, but it's still good none the less.

After watching that you can check out almost all their other parts here.

big brother quote: "I didn't know that Atiba was black." Mike Rusczyk Isuue #68.


It's fryday!

Lavar McBride on sponsorship and gold fronts, straight outta 1994.

big brother quote: "I wanna drink that shit in the forrest and see if I can find my way out." Clyde Singleton regarding a camouflage 40 ouncer. Issue #71.



Check out another top notch interview over at 48 blocks with Joey Suriel. Joey speaks about things that are seldom heard of, including Lockwood, Kareem, getting on Menace, Guy Mariano and 60/40. The Block is definitely hot...

Check out this guys crazy Big Brother stupid Magazine collection.

no big brother quote today, there should be enough big brother content in the above link to sustain you.


The man who in part molded Chocolate Skateboards...Evan Hecox 5's!

big brother quote: "I think I shot some by accident." Mike Blabac when asked if he had any new photos of Andy Mac. Issue# 96


Tommy Cantrell was nice enough to post the entire first issue of Big Brother on his website. It's funny how the editors wrote "#1 collectable" one the cover as a joke. Ironically, a clean copy of issue #1 will fetch you upwards of 75-100 bucks these days. Who'd a thunk.

While you're there check out Tommy's top-notch skateboard colllection. He's got a grip of decks that are right at the top of my wants list.

big brother quote: "We arrived, it was hot, Hawk won, but by then we had left." NSA San Diego Contest Coverage by Walter and Sean - Issue #1


Digable Planets and Ocean Howell, its like peanut butter and jelly, perfect.

I 'got' background in the above video part when he did the 360 flip to pivot on the bank in the skatepark. I was so psyched when I was 15, I forgot all about it until I recently rewatched this part... almost 15 years later I'm still psyched. i'madork.

big brother quote "I think I threw them away because they were photos of Andy mac." -Mike Blabac after being asked if he had any Andy Mac photos. Issue #80


101 original art. Check it!

big brother quote: "If it wasn't for us you'd all be speaking German" Dimitry Elyashkevich while presenting an award on a Denmark television show. Issue #93


I always thought Matt Beach was so talented and underrated. I figured I'd bring his part from 'Untitled' back to the surface, circa 1993. Someone told me that he now works for UPS. How he is not getting paid to ride a skateboard while certain kooks cash in is beyond me.

big brother quote: "Wassup nigga?" Lil' Stevie saying hello to Rick Kosick over the phone. The Black issue.


This has just about as much hype as the new Lakai video (in some circles). Hope fully it lives up to it.

New video clip up tomorrow.

big brother quote: "It's like Frankenstein--you create something rad, give it life, and it comes back to kill you." -Steve Rocco, regarding big brother, issue #27


A new clip was added to the video section. It's got some classic SF skating circa 1996. It's also got a rare clip of Guy Mariano circa 1993.

big brother quote: "Great, you guys put my picture right next to a dick, now I can't show my mom." Jamie Thomas. Issue # 16


I recently picked up this old Ocean Howell deck..

Shortly after getting it I realized there were no Ocean Howell video parts on this site. That problem has been fixed, check out his part in H-Street's Next, 1993. click below

Also, a Shin Okada part has been added from Prime 5. Check it!

The FIT ad on the right isn't going to be changed for a little while, it's too good.

big brother quote: "Damn, how thirsty can you be?" Felix regarding Dave Carnie Drinking at home. Issue # 106 (the last issue)



A new interview is in the works and should be up soon.

This looks promising.

big brother quote: "No Matter how much you prepare yourself, you're never ready to see a nude man." -Dave Carnie. Issue #19



JB Gillet has always done it right on a skateboard. Here's some proof with an archives video of JB, with footage dating from 1994 to the near present. Courtesy of Frenchfred.com.

big brother quote: "Skateboarding is coming back big, and Rocco's magazine is going to ruin it for everybody." Jim Gray, regarding big brother. Issue #5.


Welcome. I've been toying with the idea of a news section for awhile, and recently decided to go ahead with it. It is meant to bring you, or point you in the direction of most (but not all) things olden and golden. I'll also bring you snippets of irrelevant news from the magazines in the 90's, along with some Big Brother quotes. And finally, I condensed this section with the 'clipping of the week' section.

48blocks.com did a great interview with Marcus McBride. It's always cool to read anything about 101. His part from the forthcoming video by Brad Johnson rightfully titled 'Pier 7' was posted along with the interview. After checking those two gems out click around, that site is full of good content.

Keep an eye out for the second Disposable book by Sean Cliver coming soon, and see what you had and what you wished you still had.

Old News: Rodney Mullen is currently on tour with the Blind guys, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson and Brian Lotti. Tim Gavin left the tour because he was homesick. As Rodney says, "Guy Mariano is blessed with 'skateability.'" we don't know what that means and it's probably a mystery to anyone that saw any of the blind demos where guy spent most of his time kicking around a soccer ball instead of skating.News section, Big Brother issue #2

big brother quote: "The kids need to know" Steve Rocco, issue #2.

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