We recently teamed up with one of this sites favorite artists, Marc McKee to bring you this new shirt collaboration. It's the beloved image from our homepage that McKee originally created for Daewon Song back in 1994. A limited number of 94 shirts were made for this project. The shirt is a high quality 8 color silk screened shirt, just like they used to do it back in the day, it's not a heat transfer. Marc's signature is worked into the art in the upper right of the image. The shirt is available in Black and White and costs $19 plus $6.50* for shipping within the US. You can order and see more images below, thanks for looking!




When I asked Marc to write up a little blurb about this graphic this is all he had to say:

"It was done in 1994 and I guess it kind of captures a lot of things that were popular back at that time. Like when shit was all gangster and the pros drove Honda Civics." -Marc McKee

Simple, kind of like the crappy 90's were.

More Images:


screened tags

Marc's signature