For some reason I never liked throwing out anything skate-related. Call me a pack-rat-skate-nerd, but that's just the way I am. Here's some of the skate clothing I've held onto over the years for whatever reason.


Guy Mariano, Roger Rabbit shirt, art by Marc Mckee. Check the tag!

I got this shirt off Will Derensis . skateboard newton sherborn Jeremy Wagner David Ginghold Elijah Aust Boston

Pat Duffy, planB. 1993.



Sean Sheffey planB. 1992. I got this shirt off the SFmasher.


Sheffbacca planB. 1993.


oneOone, the classic logo. Can't get much better!


Some 101 shorts from 1994.


My Original blind t.


<mNc>. Probably one of my favorite shirts ever, as lame as having a favorite shirt might sound


Menace tech!

"video coming soon"

Black Menace Jeans with a crisp new white T, and you were all set in 1995.


My light-blue MNC jeans, not as good as black but still noteworthy!


And to wrap it up for now ,a J. Grant Brittain photo of Atiba which was a re-creation of the

photo he took of Tod Swank back in 1987. I saw this in a surf shop back in 1998ish?? and grabbed it.