New Aaron Meza interview, now up!


New Brian Lotti interview, now up!


New Freddy Gall interview now up!


New Jason Dill interview now up!


New Richard Angelides interview now up! Pressure flip mute grab on vert


New Josh Kalis interview now up over at Transworld. Photosynthesis, Fakie Flips, Board Graphics, Garbage Cans and much more….


New Rob Pluhowski interview, now up at Transworld. Rob has no problem speaking his thoughts.


New Scott Johnston interview now up at Transworld...completing the EMB trifecta of interviews. We covered a lot in this one...


New Karl Watson interview, now up over at Transworld!


New Lee Smith interview, now up over at Transworld! #entertheputang #eddiebauerduckboots


New Giovanni Reda interview now up over at Transworld...


Rest in Peace Dylan Rieder, a terrible loss at such a young age...

An East Coast favorite...New Anthony Correa interview now up over at Transworld.


This BA video, by Reda!!


New Bill Strobeck interview up over at Transworld. We talked all things Photosynthesis and much more, plus a special guest stopped by...


Had some technical diffuculties with this clunky old site and couldn't connect to it for a couple months. A lot has happened since. Jerry Fowler & Danny Garcia interviews both went up over at TWS. Deckaid Boston was a huge success. We have a new interview dropping next week!

No surprise, but this Ryan Hickey Chromeball interview is tops...

5 .31.2016

New Jerry Fowler interview going live tomorrow...

Deckaid Boston is coming June 4th at Orchard skateshop!!


New Gino Iannucci interview now up!

New Deckaid product is in!!


We caught up with Brian Wenning to talk skateboard graphics, Photosynthesis, Love Park, The Banks, switch mongo, benihanas and much more...


Interviewing this guy is a pleasure, just point the camera at him and let him go.. Frank Gerwer talks skateboard graphics, ODB, fanning out, handing Gino his sponsor-me-tape, Newell and more...


We caught up with one of our favorite underrated East Coast AMs from the 90s...Joey Alvarez talks skateboarding at The Banks, NYC in the 90s, skateboard graphics, CREAM skateboards, losing it all to Keenan in a game of Cee-Lo and more...


For the Philadelphia Deckaid show we collaborated with former Aesthetics Art director Alex Aranovich to bring you a limited re-release of the Aesthetics Arcade Series in celebration of the 15th anniversary of these classic graphics. Proceeds from sales of the print go to Skateistan.


We caught up wth Brad Johnson, the poster child for underground, grimey skateboarding in SF from the late 90s to talk skateboard graphics, FIT, filming for Trilogy, Rodney Mullen writing him letters, Lavar McBride, jerseys, Western Edition and more...


New Jimmy Chung interview up on now! click here.


We caught up with Bobby Puleo to talk about riding his last free skateboard, Mad Circle, INFMS, The Banks and more. Check it out here.


We collaboarated with Sean Cliver for the upcoming Deckaid Show to bring you an 8 Color silk screened print of Keenan's first graphic on Blind, which Sean did the art for. A limited to 101 pieces, all signed and hand numbered by Sean.

Thirty prints are now available to purchase online here. $100 plus s&h. The remainder of the prints will be available at the Deckaid show, June 27th Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.


Anthony Pappalardo met up with us to talk about skateboard graphics, Photosynthesis, The Workshop and more for our upcoming Deckaid show, this June in Brooklyn. Check the interview here.


We caught up with Jahmal Williams to talk graphics, eastern exposure, ADi etc. for our upcoming Deckaid show, this June in Brooklyn.


Enter The Pu-Tang repro shirts now available up in the web store...


We caught up with Gino to talk about his old skateboard graphics, Axion, 101, Chocolate, Nautica jeans and more video here.


New Bobshirt / Gino video interview dropping this Friday. He talks about some of his old graphics, sneakers, 101, chocolate nautica, and more...

Also, we finally caved and started a youtube channel about ten years too late. Don' worry the classic Quicktime clips that we put up over a decade ago are staying on the site forever...



On June 27th we're doing a skateboard art show in Brooklyn featuring tons of decks and original skateboard art from the 90's. All proceeds from the show will be going to Skateistan. Portraits like the ones shown below will also be hanging for the show. Details in flyer to the right.

This show is going to be Big (for lack of a better word), we're bringning it all out.... we're working on limited edition screen prints of something very classic...more details to come!

For more info follow @deckaid on instagram, and deckaid on facebook. Free to get in, hope to see you there!


Tonight FTC San Francisco is hosting the Western Edition 15 year anniversary exhibit. Western Edition has been so solid in the graphics department for so long.... FTC 7:30--10pm tonight, 1632 Haight Street SF, CA 94117


Sean Cliver X Bobshirt:

Keenan's first graphic on bLind from 1994, by Sean Cliver. We did the original run of these reproductions in 2011 to commemorate 10 yrs. of Keenan's unfortunate passing. 2014 marks this graphics 20th anniversary, so we decided to give it one more run.

Limited run of 50 shirts availaible here. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go to the Matthew Bell Jr. Foundation.

In other Sean Cliver related news... make sure you check out his 10 year anniversary re-release of his epic book, Disposable. A History of Skateboard Art, now available in hardcover over at the Gingko Press Site.


Jenkem Magazine interviews Gino. So good.


Tonight the Super7 Store in San Francisco is hosting a 10th Anniversary re-launch event for the first Disposable book by @seancliver. Sean will be there signing copies of the new 10 year re-release hard cover edition of Dispoable and prints of his infamous planB Sean Sheffey graphic*, limited to 100.

*Skate nerd note:The Sean Sheffey Monkey Graphic was the only art Sean ever did for planB.

Chromeball interviews Ryan Fabry Lots of good stories and skate-nerd insight!


Part 3 of the Chocolate Epicly Later'd is up!


Part 2 of the epicly later'd 20 Years of Chocolate episode is up, it's a good one...


Quartersnacks did a cool tribute to the place you'd get stuck at all night before going to midtown.

Gorilla Flicks delves into Rick Kosick's Big Brother T-shirt Collection here.

"The first BigBrother logo and T-shirt was the only one to be produced on BOB shirts"


Epicly Later'd is doing a 20 years of Chocolate episode. Part 1 is up!


New Content, Jeremy Wray answers 10 questions about his opening line in Second Hand Smoke.

Thank you Jeremy.


Check out these KCK tribute decks by DEF mfg. co. out in New Zealand. So good...


Chromeball x Jason Dill phone conversation.


If you haven't read this Josh Swindell interview over at the mighty Muckmouth you should check it out, they go deep.


Jim Hodgson is posting up some unseen footage from around NY/NJ that he filmed in the late 90's. Today he put up a little Anthony Pappapalardo part, check it!


Anthony Pappalardo (writer version) has a cool write up on espn about the 20 years of Chocolarte show in Brooklyn w/ photos by Vern Laird. Also here's a video that Chris Negrotaco took of the show asking certain people what their favorite memory of Chocolate is.


Jenkem Mag comes through again. This time it's an interview with old World Industries CFO Scott Drouillard focused on the $29million dollar sale of World, and the sale of Big Brother Magazine.

“fuck it who cares, we’re millionaires!” and then drives right through the wooden stop sign.

Also, I was able to find some more original art to match up with some old skateboards. This time it was a couple of Drake Jones pieces from his days on Real. Head to the original art page to check them out.


Photo Recap for the 20 years of Chocolate Show!


20 years of Chocolate show NYC version, tonight at the Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg! Photo recap of the event tomorrow.


20 Years of Chocolate show comes to NY on Sept. 20th... Sideshow in Williamsburg. I was happy enough to lend some boards for the show. See you there. Come say hello.


Andy Jenkins talks about his least favortie graphics that he did, over at Thrasher.


The 20 Years of Chocolate show hits Denver, this Saturday at SVPER ORDINARY. I lent a couple of decks to the show, kind of cool. Looking forward to the NY show!


Muckmouth has been doing mini interviews with former pros called Back in the Spotlight, which consists of just three questions. They just posted a new one featuring Carl Hyndman, Billy Waldman, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gideon Choi, Tyrone Olson , AJ Mazzu, Billy Ruff, Neal Mims, Dave Duren and Mark Abrook. They're awesome, check 'em out.


Part 2 of the long lost Venture video has been posted on Transworld. Who is Steve Robert, and did he do the first bsts bigspin out at 5:50?

Thank you for posting!
Jacob Rosenberg @jacobrosenberg
Greg Carroll @Greg_S_Carroll
Mackenzie Eisenhour - @deadhippie


I was able to come up with some more original skateboard art. This time it's a Carl Shipman piece from his days at Stereo. It's always very satisfying to match up a deck with it's original art. esides being a skate nerd completist, it's like something has been preserved from those disposable days of skateboarding in the 90's.

Carl embodied everything that was good in the mid-90's, pop, power and style. Also it seemed like he didn't give a fuuuuck, which always helped for some reason. Art by Christian Cooper (@blkprjkt). Head to the Original Art Section of the site to check it out.


Also, I changed the front page of the site, no more flash, so it's easy to navigate on your phones.



Jacob Rosenberg & Greg Carroll put Part 1 of the long-lost Venture video on Transworld today! Check it out, along with an insightful interview of Greg Carroll by Mackenzie Eisenhouer.





@dearskating. So So So good. Give him a follow if you're not already.


Chromeball came through with another amazing interview, this time with a bobshirt favorite Matt Beach.

Loving JenkemMag. This article with the 10 Best Opening Lines in Video Parts is great. Jwray all day!



New stuff...Gonz Skull and Banana w/ original deck.



The FTC Book dropped. Highly Recomend.

We're on instagram. @bobshirt



We are helping throw a fundraiser event to help get a skatepark built in Nyack, NY. Come through, check out some old decks and art, drink some beer and eat some food, all for a good cause.

Tickets can be purchased here.

More info here.







One of our favorites gets a free lunch.


Best Video.

Chris Mulhern, Philadelphia Experiment



90's planB Star Wars geekin'.



Happy New Year Everybody, my resolution is to keep the current pace of this site going and rarely update it throughout the year.

2013 means that this summer Virtual Reality will hit it's 20 year anniversary, fuuuuuuck.

The amazing Raiders Of The Archives segment that Roger Bagley does over at the Skateboarder site just finished picking through Jacob Rosenberg's stash. Always a great watch.

Serendipity = Virtual Reality premiered on June 11th 1993, and The Chocolate Tour premiered on June 11th 1999. Lots can happen in six years.


Free Fabian Alomar


Lord Pep. 3.11.1973 - 9.26.2003


Seb Carayol talks 3 stripes with Alphonso Rawls.

Rest In Peace Jaya Bonderov.


Check out this Kyle Kimberling part from '96. Always thought this part was a bit of a sleeper at the time

Eric Koston Epicly Later'd. Yesssss.


Killer Jeremy Wray interview over at the wonderful Jenkemag.

Patrick O'Dell and crew wraps it up with the Menace documentary. Gold Stars for all involved, great work!


Chrome Ball hooked up a proper interview with one of my favorites, Brian Emmers. Hell yes.


Menace Epicly Menace'd part 2!


Menace Epicly Later'd! Nice shirt Billy.


Brian Lotti, CrailCouched!


Rest In Peace Lord Pep... 3.11.1973 - 9.26.2003...


Fine Artisits


Check this amazing interview with Gabriel Rodriguez by our friend Seb Carayol over at the Skateboarder Magazine site.


Keenan tribute shirts, here.


We recently got together with Sean Cliver to re-release Keenan's first graphic on bLind to commemorate 10 years since his untimely passing. This is a limited run of T-shirts and stickers that will be available by the beginning of next week. Rest in Peace Keenan!


Rudy Johnson courtesy of Jacob Rosenberg, love the pause-motion slow-motion!


...The Kareem Duffs KCK. Right up there with the Carroll Vans, Sal 23's, and Koston 1's as the most Era claiming skate sneaker of the 90's. We pay tribute to our personal favorite sneaker with this small batch of shirts.....

Available here. Also available soon at Long Islands Finest... Free KCK tribute stickers thrown in with each order.

And as a side note...It's been posted everywhere, but this is the best.


New Bobshirt soft goods availbale in the up-coming week.

THE Menace Epicly Later'd is officialy in the works! Oh hell yes.


Robert Brink goes deep into the Crapshoot-shoot. Diggin' the video grabs, ha!

Jason Dill and Chromeball cross paths.


Cheers to this, too funny. Props to Benny Maglinao and Oliver Barton. Zoom in with a fisheye!? Classic.


Caeser Singh - Planet Earth - Silver, 1996.


I uploaded the awesomely awful New Deal Whatever.

Brian Lotti gets chromeballed.


I have a little skateboard sneaker collection, I finally took some photos of most of them, you can check them out here.... pretttty dorky!

Seb Carayol caught up with original H-Street designer Francesco Albertini, you can check it here at his memoryscreened site.


20 Shot
Las Nueve Vidas De Paco
Chocolate Promo
Chocolate Tour


We recently asked Jacob Rosenberg to give us his top 5 greatest video misses, his answers are here.

Thank's for all the MNC shirt orders so far, I'm glad everybody's been happy with them.


New Menace/Bobshirt reporduction shirts are now available! Check them out here.


Robbie McKinley interview!

"...I remember thinking 'Who the fuck is this Viking looking dude trying to three flip everything in sight?'... I also remember Lavar smoking a blunt to his head in the van rapping along with Method Man, but like rapping at me. I was so freaked out…"


New Robbie McKinley interview up tomorrow!

New Shirts available Saturday.


I enjoyed this interview with the former owner of Molotov Skateboards.

ChromeBall came through with this proper Huf interview.

We made a new run of shirts that will be available shortly. Just gotta find a couple minutes to take some pictures of them to post up.


Check out this nice Aaron Meza interview over at 48 blocks!


ChromeBallIncident has a new John Drake interview that is definitely worth checking out.


New Interview...! I can't think of a better way to end the year for this site. Mike Regan caught up with a bobshirrt.com favorite- Bob Puleo for this interview. Also, along with the usual old ad scans and video parts that we always post to go along with the interviews, this time I dug up a picture of Bob that I snapped of him at the banks back in the 90's too.

In other "news" Sean Cliver has a new blog about old skateboards and skateboard art, you can check it out here. Real nerdy & detailed stuff there, I like it!

We've still got a few McKee shirts left, but we're sold out of the Mediums and XXL's. Thanks for all the orders so far.

We have another new interview coming with another Bob actually, look for it soon, but not too soon....

See you in 2010!


Thank you Danny Garcia.


New Marc McKee/Bobshirt.com collaboration shirts now available! Click here to order and for more information.

We've also got a new interview in the works with this guy, should be up soon!


New soft goods! Marc McKee collaboration shirt ....available soon, stay tuned...

There's a nice little Jason Dill interview here.


Today we're happy to present Mike Graham. Big thanks to Kevin Susienka over at RAW for making it happen. Mike is one of my personal favorites, so I'm especially happy about this interview...

".....I wrote Danny Way a fan letter when he was on H-Street....One day the phone rang after school and it was him..." : Mike Graham

It's been quiet here at Bobshirt, but our lull is now over and we've got some more stuff in the works, so be sure to check back.


We've gpot a fresh new interview droppping tomorrow with one of the East Coast's most talented and underated skaters from the ealry 90's. He's a favorite here at Bobshirt. Check back.

Sean Cliver's new Book The Disposable Skateboard Bible has hit the stroes. It's got 368 pages packed with pictures of skateboards from the 60's-90's. Skateboard porn basically. It's a must see if you're into that kind of thing. See for yurself: www.disposablethebook.com





Jahmal Williams has organized an art show at KC/DC skateshop in Brooklyn , there'll be a whole grip of skateboards and skateboard art from the 90's on display. Come check it out if you're close by. This Saturday, March 7th.

Also, our friend Seb Carayol has posted an interview that he did with Zoo York honcho Eli Gesnerabout the making of the Zoo video Mix Tape


Have you seen the Memory Screened article in Skateboarder? If you haven't seen it, basically it consists of some pro from back in the day picking 5 of his own favortie board graphics, and giving a little insight to each graphic. Some of the subjects have been John Cardiel, Rudy Johnson, Ed Templeton, Dune, and more recently Shiloh Greathouse. I'm always so psyched on this article and truly look forward to reading it every month. If you've missed the articles, good news! The author, Seb Carayol has started a blog posting the old articles for out enjoyment. Check it! - Memory-Screened.blogspot



Here's a blog you should be checking if you're not already. The recent write-ups with Nico Malinowski and the Penal Code segment has got me hooked on this blog know as cara-visualsound, lovin' it!

The fellas over at youwillsoon have done another installment of their Shoe Vault Classic segment. This time it's the Lynx shoe by DC. It was the shoe that brought back some simplicity to skateboard sneakers after a long period of high-tech madness. It's a couple weeks old, but in case you missed it, check it!

And finally, I found these clips on a couple (of the heaps) of old hi8 tapes I have kicking around here. Early Wenninig filmed by my friend Chris Corso, enjoy!



Joey Bast interview, click! Big thanks to Jeff Taylor for hooking this interview up.

"One day I woke up in a house that I didn't know. It didn't have any furniture and not a soul there spoke English. I had a massive anxiety attack and realized that this is not how I wanted my life to be." Joey Bast


On another note, the last issue of Slap magazine in paper form is on the newstands now. So long paper Slap, and thanks.

Happy Gobble Gobble everybody.



ThanksGiving will come early here at BobShirt, Joey Bast interivew: Nov.26.2008!


gO vOte tOmOrrOw.


New Interview is up, OG East Coast technician Andy Stone!

"The days were usually pretty tame, but when it got dark it was like some Lord of the Flies type shit. Seemed like we could smoke, drink, break shit and skate all we wanted. Like a paradise for adolescents." Andy Stone

On another note, I'm about a month late on this one... but RAW has released a well deserved deck with Mike Graham. I gotta try and snatch up one of those killer decks. I used to see Mike skate at this little skatepark in Bellingham MA. called 8ball back in the 90's. Dude killed it, with style, using completely no effort.

Next interview up, Joey Bast!



New Interview this Friday, so check back...



New Eric Pupecki interview! It's pretty obvious around here that we were down for Menace back in the day. So obviously we're very happy to present this interview, enjoy. Big thanks to Donny Barley for the hooks on this one.

"Yeah I still throw down when the setting is right. I'd like to keep 360 flips on lock for the rest of my life." Pupecki.



Joey Bast has been found and an interview is officialy in the works! We're pretty psyched on that.

Equally exciting in our humble opinion, we just finished up a couple interviews from two rippers that hailed from the East. They're both coincidentaly featured in Element's classic video from 1994, Fine Artists vol. 1. We'll drop the first one on Tuesday, so check back!



Gino on Patrick O'Dell's show! It's divided up into 10 Parts. That's like eating birthday cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 10 days straight...so good.

Also, you gotta check out Lavar McBride and a whole bunch of other goodness in the 48Blocks/Western Edition online Video sensation; Pandemic.



Joey Bast where are you? I recently found his old pro model... I had one of these back in '96, so I was pretty psyched to find this one now. If you know Joey, tell him we're looking for him to do an interview. You can hit us up here.


Speaking of interviews, we've got some in the works with some OG East Coast rippers, so keep checkin' back.




The server over at 48blocks went down for a bit. To make up for it they posted this bonus clip. Lets hope the server keeps going down if they're going to post something like that every time.

Respects to Ray Underhill today.



Andy Jenkins Interview!


We've also got an interview with another Andy in the works right now, so check back for that soon.

I can not wait to see this.



7-11 is giving out free Slurpys today, so don't sleep. Also, we've got an interview in the works that should be up in a few days, so check back.....slurp slurp!


July 5th 2008

What can I say that already hasn't been said?





We recently did an interview with the original planB art director, Carl Hyndman.

"Name one person that almost got on planB back in the day, but got nixed at the last second?

Oh shit- Jim Greco..."



Check out this video of Sean Cliver and Marc McKee. They talk about their traveling art show Censorship is Weak as F##k, and they talk in detail about some of the graphics they did back in the day. Sal's in there too!

Speaking of Cliver, if you're near Supreme try and grab a set of those boards that he did for them. The style hearkens back to his days at World in the early 90's.




We've got some things in the works as always, but nothing for right now. So in the meantime check out some old skateclothes of mine that I can't bring myself to part with.

Also, if you haven't been over here in awhile, you should check it out. They have been scanning entire issues of the classic early issues of Big Brother, so good.



We recently caught up with one of my personal favorites, NYC skate legend Jeff Pang for an interview.

"People claiming New York City when they don't even live here; it's embarrassing. I'm not going to say any names but it is pretty pitiful."


Also, there's a new 80's/90's skarteboard blog that you should be keeping up with called chromeballincident. It's filled with some great old ads from back in the day. They were nice enough to send us a couple scans for the Pang interview too, so check them out.



We've got a fresh new interview dropping tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Biggie. Check him at age 17.



I don't have much to say, so in the mean time go check out Andy's wonderful sticker collection, and look at all the good old images he's got going on over there.

Also, the new shirts are still happening, it's just taking a little longer than expected. Thanks for all the interest so far though.


Check out the skatefairy for a nice little Jacob Rosenberg and Danny Way video, re-united after a 14 year hiatus. Nice.

Also having to do with our friend Jacob... Crailtap has gotta contest titled I Skated in the Early '90s and I Know My Shit! or Twelve Angry Skaters. So get over there and watch the video and name who's who, I don't think I'm going to win this one!

Check out what I found:

The strange obsession with old skate goods continues...


I'm selling some pretty rare skateboards from my collection on ebay to help cover costs to keep this site up and running. You can check them out here. So bid em' up if you're into old skateboards, it's for a good cause! Thanks.


Check out this never before seen demo footage of Brian Lotti, Sean Sheffey, Rudy Johnson, Jason Lee, Salman Agah, Willy Santos, Jordan Richter and more. You gotta love the turn out for the Jordan Richter & Willy Santos demos, there must be all of 5 people there. Ahhh the 90's, back when a crowded demo meant 20 kids showed up...a little different from todays standards of demos and contests.


The "news" section has been lagging here at Bobshirt.com lately, but we're always busy working on new stuff for the site. We've got a couple new interviews in the works that should be dropping soon.

I've recently gotten a ton of emails from people asking about the 101 shirts, unfortunately we sold them all awhile ago, sorry. But we've got some new shirts in the works that should be sure to please you guys.

In the mean time head over to Marc McKees site and kill some time wisely.



Big thanks to the SkateboardMag for the little write up they gave us in the latest issue (#50), you can check it here. It's much appreciated.

48blocks inteviewed The Don. Can't get much better.



We usually leave the current skateboard news to 48blocks.com & Skatedaily.net (who already reported this 2 days ago), but this news is simply too great not to post, Matt Beach is now on Skatemental. It just seems perefectly pure.

Yes, I do remember that one. They absolutely don't make them like that anymore, so good.... so good.

We've got some new tribute shirts in the works over here at bobshirt.com, so stay tuned. <mNc>.



Big Brother is back? It would be refreshing if they did a monthly magazine, I'm not sure if that is the plan though.


We recently interviewed OG East Coast pro Jahmal Williams, you can check it here.


Also, check 48blocks for a solid interview with Kelly Bird. Do those guys at 48blocks ever sleep? They just keep the good stuff coming...!


Jacob Rosenberg has been posting up more goodies on youtube. This time it's the entire DTS video broken up into parts. This video was packed full of young talent...Cardiel, Wade Speyer, Mike Cao, Karma Tsocheff and more. So get over to his youtube page and kill some time wisely.


We've teamed up with Bob K over at MumbleMagazine.com to bring you some full length classic vdeo podcasts for your enjoyment. The first of many to come is 101's Falling Down from 1993. It's safe to say that Koston was a little ahead of the curve in this one! enjoy.

You can also watch the full video here, minus Adam McNatt, sorry Adam.


As promised on the 12th, we have not one, but two interviews for ya. To help introduce Lakai's Carroll Select/Embarko Limited Edition shoe and the DVD put together by Jacob Rosenberg, featuring never before seen footage of Carroll from the EMB days. Bobshirt caught up with these fellas to get a lil' nostalgic about their skating/filming days during that unforgettable era.


We've got a nice inteview with Jahmal Williams in the works, so keep an eye out for that.

Also, we want to give a shout-out to Noel Wendt, who's been making this site a little more pleasing on the eyes... thank you Noel!



I finally got around to taking proper pictures of my semi-nerdy original skateboard art collection. Just click the girl with pigtails on our front page to see some good skateboard history.

We did another interview with Jacob Rosenberg which will be up shortly. In the mean time you can check out the first one we did with him last year here.



Words by Jason Lee, photos by Spike Jonze, no my friends this isn't a story taken from the latest issue of Star magazine, it's Guy Mariano's check out from 1992. Errrrr, this was 15+ years ago?? Dang.

Before es' & Lakai, Koston was puttin' it down in these bad boys for the nineFive.

48blocks interviews Mike Carroll, killer.

Click here to see pictures of Lance Mountain's skateboard memorabelia collection. The drawers of all the old slick sheets is spectacular.



Jacob Rosenberg posted some Rodney Mullen outtakes from the Virtual Raality days, lets hope Jake keeps these gems from the past coming. I think this is the first youtube link that bobshirt.com has ever thrown.



A little revamping. I got tired of looking at those 101 shirts to the right, and I also wanted to get back to posting the classic clipping's again (see right). I still have about ten 101 shirts left, mostly XL's with a couple larges in there too. You can contact me here if you want to purchase one. All proceeds will go to the next round of Bobshirt.com shirts. We've got a special guest on board for the next set of shirts, so stay tuned.

I always tripped out on the "House that Rodney Built" ad from 1995. 360 flips in '83. Fuckin' nutty.

In my constant search for old skateboard decks and nostalgia I found this Pepe Martinez Grey Market deck. Finding anything Pepe is always sick. That's my dog.



Check this article. It's got some nice photos and a cool write up about the Marc McKee and Sean Cliver traveling art show; Censorship is Weak as Fuck, the German installation.


Things have been quiet in the news section, but we've got some things cooking over here at Bobshirt. In the mean time check out this long winded interview with former Big Brother slave turned staffer, Pat Canale. (101 never turned profit?? That's fucked!)

If you haven't already, you should check out the clean line of boards and gear that Jahmal Williams has created over at HOPPS, "Keep It Moving!". After that you could read this interview with Jahmal from Big Brother #16. Smoooth.

How sick was ADI/ADunit/AmericanDream!?


Some nice person took pictures of some of the old Girl/Chocolate catalogs from 1997,98 & 99 and shared them for all to see on flickr. Click here to check out some of the best skateboard series ever created.

Guy Mariano-Big Brother-1997. Courtesy of the policeinformer.

The Marc McKee/Sean Cliver artshow/retrospective "Censorhip is Weak as F##k" will be having another exhibit at the BRIGHT Tradeshow in Frankfurt, Germany, on January 19-20, 2008. From SF to LA, and now all the way to Germany, but still no love for NYcity...hopefully someday.


The youwillsoon blog posted another installment of their revered shoe vault classic. This time it's a tribute to SLB and all the kicks that he designed. Sick!

My favorites were the ones that Brian Emmers wore in the first line of this part.


Our front page got a long overdue facelift. Also there's a new page with a directory of all the Big Brother interviews that I scanned. Just click the dude swiggin' the 40 on the front page to see them.


It's the end of the year, let's go out on a high note for 2007. Sit back, relax and enjoy this. See you all next year.


Check this blog for some sick old ads, interviews, images and memorabilia from the 90's. Dylan's got some good taste in skateboarding, keep it up!

After checking out that blog head over to here for a cool retrospect on the prime of Axion. I got some "on ice" too, I'll try and take some photos and post 'em up.


Seasons Greetings from Bobshirt.com and Mad Circle circa 1993.

It's been a year since we changed our name, and its been a good one. Thanks for all the support from everybody, especially to 48blocks.com, Mike Regan, Tommy Cantrell, Skatedailly.net, Thomas Masthead, and the crazy kids on those Slap boards.

Thanks again, and we'll see you in '08!


This Saturday night in LA:



Aaaaand we have a winner to our first trvia contest! Dylan Cousineau from Ottawa Canada wrote in with this answer:

"My copy of Snuff came in a "SK8 HARD HOSOI" box. It had a sticker on it that said Snuff in cryptic maze-like writing."

Well you're right Dylan, Snuff came in a wide assortment of boxes with the said sticker slapped on it. You're free 101 shirt went in the mail today.

Thanks for all the other answers/scans/pictures. The most interesting variation of the Snuff box that was sent to us had to be without a doubt this one, sent in by Stephen Castle. There were a ton of other answers that ranged from Savannah Slammah to a snowboard video named Facto.It makes me wonder how many other variations there were. Here's my personal copy/cover variation of SNUFF. With all this talk of Snuff we mine as well all watch the best part of the video.

I got this funny email the other day from Patrick Kigongo. True indeed Patrick, probably some of the worst filmed parts ever. But you can't deny the manual 360 flip out at Pulaski in Snuff. Andy Stone's Falling Down part was pretty amazing too.

To wrap it up... Sean Cliver and Marc McKee are having another art exhibit showcasing their goods from the 90's. It's going down December 15th at 435 N. Fairfax, LA CA. From there the duo will be going to Germany and Australia to put on similar exhibits, all the while skipping right over NYC (damn dudes, show some love!). The LA show will probably be the best one due to the fact that the two artists live close by and can easily transport all their stashed goods, so don't sleep!



My favorite website interviewed my favorite artist, 48blocks talks w/ Marc McKee. While you're there check out a rare Gino clip that our friend Danny Fink filmed. What up Fink!!?

How about a Bobshirt.com trivia contest? The winner will receive a free 101 shirt. International contestants are welcome!

Question: What was the VHS box art for the 101 Snuff video?

Email your answers here. I think this one is a little too easy, I'll try to make the next round of trivia a little more challenging.


Things are going to be slow around here at bobshirt for the next couple of months due to this amazing new addition to the world.


FTC is having an art show in conjunction with Marc McKee and Sean Cliver, along with a screening of "The Man Who Souled the World". They'll be showing old boards and original art from the good old days, and they'll also be signing books. It's going down Nov. 17th, so don't sleep. I'm sure our good friends at 48blocks will be there to cover it.

Hopefully Marc and Sean will make it out to NYC with a similar show...


Paulo Diaz interview from Big Brother issue #10. You've gotta appreciate the last photo of the interview.

This weeks interview is in-part brought to you by Mark Bonner (yes that is his real last name). Mark is actually selling off a whole bunch of Big Brother's that he has doubles of right now on ebay. Get 'em while the gettin's good.



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